A New Paradigm for Skin Color Evaluation with Skin Color Specialized Color Chip by Ellead

19 April 2022

Ellead has recently developed a new efficacy evaluation method that incorporates emotional expressions representing skin color and has completed a patent registration.

It is possible to quantify complex and emotional skin expressions such as “healthy skin”, “radiant skin” or “dull skin” and check the statistical significance through the improvement rate.

This is a new method in which the expression of skin improvement, which was ambiguous through the improvement rate, is evaluated numerically, unlike the existing method that evaluated through a simple parameter such as CIE-Lab or the digital color space.

If you would like to quantify the effect of your products to the skin with vitality, health, or radiant, please contact Ellead.


www.ellead.com | Corporate and testing sheet: https://skinobs.com/labo.php?id=72 

Read the entire ZOOM#23 here



Sunhwa Lee



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