How evaluate the Hair Moisture by Institute Dr Schrader

31 October 2015

To assess the conditioning properties of products, permed hair is treated in a standardized manner with products. Subsequently, each of the hair tresses is examined using induced chemiluminescence (ICL-H). Permed hair gives a stronger signal than untreated hair. Conditioning properties (i.e. moisturizing properties) reduce the signal measured.


  • Quadflieg JM, Rieger I, Rohr M, Schrader A and Schrader K (2005). Hair Hydration Quantified By Chemiluminescence. Hair-Science Symposium, Fulda (Germany).
  • Benard S, Nerenz H, Rohr M and Schrader K (2001) ICL-H (Induced Chemiluminescence of Human Hair) A New Method for Quantitative Analysis of Hair-Stress. IFSCC Mag 4(3), 185-9.


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