Skin Biomechanical Properties Evaluated by IEC’s Contactless Method

16 September 2015

For the measurement of biomechanical properties, continuing research done by IEC, Institut d’Expertise Clinique (Lyon France) with Cutometer (IFSCC 1998, Cannes , poster P9 and short presentation: Modification of Biomechanical Properties of the Skin by Cosmetics: Dream or Reality?), teams of the efficacy department of IEC work with Dynaskin-4D, Orion Concept/Eotech patented system.

This device can measure the mechanical properties of the skin and underlying tissue hypodermic without any contact.
The principle is to create a deformation or stress to the skin surface by means of a calibrated air jet. The deformation observed on the skin allows measuring the firmness of tissue and also their mobility. The technique of Fringe projection is used for quantification, obtained from the sequence of three-dimensional acquisitions performed before, during and after the deformation.

The acquisition sequence allows a dynamic approach to tissue deformation. Depending upon the intensity of the stress levels, different tissues can be targeted (skin only, skin and underlying tissues at different depths). 3D quantification measures the strength, mobility and laxity of the skin, for firming or restructuring claims and also tensing effects.



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