ZOOM #24: in-vivo and in-vitro Evaluation of the Anti-pollution Claims

6 September 2022


After this particularly hot summer period, Skinobs is happy to bring you some fresh news of evaluation experts of the Beauty Industry. Skinobs will organize next October the second edition of the FOCUS-Live free webinar dedicated to the skin hydration objectivation with the participation of evaluation experts sharing their vision and their latest innovations on this topic.

For this 24th ZOOM edition, we will share with you information about the evaluation of anti-pollution claims. As usual, we are glad to give the latest news of our partners: Courage & Khazaka, CIDP, Complife, Ellead, Eotech, Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care, Helioscreen, Microfactory, Miravex, Newtone Technologies, Phylogene, Pixience, proderm.


Download the ZOOM#24 V2 in-vivo & in-vitro Evaluation of the Anti-pollution Claims

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News from our partners

  • C-Cube by Pixience – Anti-pollution Protocol
  • Newtone, adds Value to the Objective Assessment of Pigmented Disorders and Blemishes and Other Skin and Complexion Damages due to Pollution
  • Clinical Evaluation of Skin Imperfections by Miravex
  • Measuring Skin Surface Structure in HR by Eotech
  • Protection of Hair against Odor Pollution by Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • proderm Offers a Wide Range of Testing Methods
  • New Development in the in-vitro Area – Measuring the Transepithelial/Transendothelial Electrical Resistance (TEER) by Courage & Khazaka
  • Effect of Pollution on the Skin – the New Kid on the Block by CIDP
  • Extensive Investigation of Pollution Effects on Skin by Phylogene
  • Skin Health & Environmental Conditions by Complife
  • Revision of ISO 24443 – Determination of Sunscreen UVA Photoprotection in-vitro by Helioscreen
  • Boosting Cosmetic Development with in-vitro Sweat and Sebum Excretions by Microfactory
  • Ellead Conducts the Clinical Evaluation and in-vitro Test of Anti-pollution


challenges and opportunities of the global clinical testing market

Last June, Skinobs has presented the result abstract of the global clinical testing market study for the Beauty Indsutry.

To better understand the dynamics of this specific market, Skinobs has gathered quantitative and qualitative data about the purchase habits of the evaluation managers, the localisation of this expertise in the world and the value of this specific market to show its dynamism and resilience.

  • Skincare as a golden category with 41% of the market in 2021 (228 billion euros in total)
  • Clinical evaluation are mostly implemented in France, Europe, North America, China
  • Europe is considered as a major testing partner
  • Main criteria for the CROs choice: claim, cost, devices
  • 707 million euros clinical testing turnover in 2022

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Anne Charpentier

Founder & CEO


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