A Unique Research Platform on Ex-vivo Human Adipose Tissue by Exadex-Innov

9 March 2023

ExAdEx-Innov is a French biotech company specialized in applied research on human adipose tissue.

They rely on more than 30 years of known-how and knowledge of fat tissue and provide a unique technological platform for cosmetic, nutraceutical and biomedical research, to unravel the complexity of human adipose tissue biology through innovative human-derived tools.


Their patented breakthrough ExAdEx technology allows to generate the first physio-pathological, fully competent and clinically relevant human adipose tissue ex vivo R&D models that integrate the complexity of 3D native adipose tissue biology.

Why reproducing and mimicking human fat tissue by assembling different components in vitro or using incomplete translational models when you can leverage what already exists in nature: the native human fat?

ExAdEx technology works by exploiting the innate ability of adipose stem cells to proliferate in response to stimuli and the native extracellular tissue matrix as a bioactive support. Thus, ExAdEx human adipose tissue ex vivo models show:

  • long-term viability in culture (up to 2 months);
  • full extracellular matrix structure;
  • lipid droplet size comparable to endogenous tissue;
  • cellular heterogeneity (adipose progenitors, mature adipocytes, immune cells);
  • vascular and lymphatic networks;
  • endocrine function;
  • ability to mimic physiological responses (e.g. beiging, lipolysis, lipogenesis, glucose metabolism);
  • ability to mimic pathological responses (e.g. inflammation and fibrosis as found in aging and metabolic alterations).



Their physiological R&D models of human adipose tissue provide an innovative approach to characterize the biological effects of cosmetic ingredients, nutraceutical products and drug candidates on a fully competent tissue structure resembling the native clinical context of choice, and to evaluate their efficacy on a wide range of conditions in multiparametric studies. These models can be generated from different donor profiles (gender, age, BMI, etc.) and different anatomic locations (abdominal, tight, face/chin, etc.).




ExAdEx ex vivo models represent a major step forward as compared to existing technologies in the field and an original approach for the evaluation and claim substantiation of cosmetic and nutraceutical ingredients, based on innovative and highly differentiating criteria.

They aim to be a comprehensive external R&D partner during preclinical phases of toxicity and efficacy evaluation of novel cosmetic and nutraceutical ingredients. Their 360° expertise allows to support ingredients developers in designing the experimental phase, selecting innovative biomarkers, developing tailored analysis tools and interpretating results. Fully integrated in a research center of excellence (Institut de Biologie Valrose, Nice, France: http://ibv.unice.fr/) and working in collaboration with prominent research teams (CNRS/INSERM), they can rely on a top-ranking scientific environment and high-profile technological platforms for cytometric, molecular, imaging and functional screening analyses. Thanks to high-ranked scientific authors and KOLs among their co-founders, they can add value and originality as to scientific claims and publications.


To learn more about them, visit their website https://exadex-innov.com/exadex-platform and follow them on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/exadex-innov/

To discuss about your R&D programs, contact them at contact@exadex-innov.com.




COO and co-founder

+33 4 89 15 37 11



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