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CIDP at Boost Your Test: Tranversal Approach from In-vitro to In-vivo Tests

16 March 2023

Established in 2004, CIDP is an international Contract Research Organisation (CRO) that offers a full suite of services ranging from preclinical and clinical development phases, biostatistics, data management, regulatory affairs and scientific and medical writing.

In the field of clinical skin Testing, CIDP proposes various safety protocols for single patch tests, HRIPT, skin compatibility, phototoxicity, photosensitisation and use tests. In addition, CIDP enjoys an extensive equipment bank comprising of ANTERA, Colorface, DermLite lens, VISIA, Primos, Dermascan C, Visioscan, Spectrophotometer, Glossymeter, Moisture Map amongst others that help in objectively substantiating various efficacy claims on hydration, skin aging, skin lightening, hyperpigmentation etc. CIDP also proposes to evaluate different biomarkers by swabbing, tape stripping or skin biopsies. With its strategic location in Mauritius, Romania, India and Brazil, CIDP has access to a wide pool of volunteers that facilitate recruitment of subjects of all phototypes, ethnicities and presenting various clinical criteria such as moderate, mild or severe Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, melasma, ingrown hair etc.  With an International recognition in conduct of Photobiology studies, CIDP recently added new protocols such as Ultra Water resistance, sweat resistance, Sand Resistance, Rubbing Resistance in its catalogue of photobiology tests.  These new claims along with all the other SPF claims have been updated to meet all requirements of the new implemented ISO standards (ISO/EN 24444, ISO 16217:2020 and ISO 18861:2020). In the field of Haircare, CIDP has developed new methodologies in collaboration with expert hairdressers for substantiating claims on hair growth, hair removal, hair breakage etc.  CIDP has continued its research work on themes like Blue-light and Anti-pollution and has standardized and identified novel biomarkers to successfully substantiate these claims.

CIDP is also equipped with a biosafety level 2 biological laboratory that allows us to conduct in vitro  and ex vivo safety and efficacy tests. Two models are used for these tests and they comprise of  monolayer cell cultures and human skin explants. The biological response of these explants can be monitored in different conditions including after exposure to environmental stressors/exposome such as ambient pollution, cigarette smoke, UV, blue light and WiFi. In line with these methodologies, a combination of in vivo/ex vivo test assays can be proposed to study the mechanisms being triggered in either healthy skin or pathology-induced skin (dermatitis or psoriasis) after exposure to exposome.

In addition to monitoring the effect of exposome on skin, CIDP has also developed novel methodologies where the hair shaft, scales, hydrophobicity, tensile strength and biochemistry are monitored after exposure to either air or water pollution.

CIDP strives to deliver excellent service by investing in state-of-the art equipment, technologies, and continuous training for its teams. All our centres are ISO 9001:2015 certified and CIDP Romania is CIR accredited. CIDP also recently invested in digitalization of its processes and proposes eCRF, ePRO and eConsent for all its studies. In line with same, CIDP has initiated the process of getting its affiliates ISO 27001 certified by end of 2023.


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