COVID-19 impact: How the Pandemic has Changed Korean Millennials, Gen Z Beauty Attitudes – review via Cosmetics Design Asia

14 June 2022

The beauty needs and shopping habits of Korean millennials have undergone a significant shift on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a systematic review by researchers.
The review titled Mobile shopping beauty live commerce changes in COVID-19 pandemic focused on fun contents of MZ generation in Republic of Korea was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.Also known as the MZ generation, researchers said it was crucial for firms to clearly understand their evolving consumer need.

“As the unknown era enters, the frequency of use of non-face-to-face mobile shopping for customised cosmetics is increasing, and the use of mobile shopping in January 2020 (after the spread of COVID-19) using a hands-on app incorporating the new technology of the 4th industrial revolution is increasing.

“This situation is centred on the MZ generation, which has emerged as a new consumer in a market that values individual taste and individuality. Generation MZ, collectively referred to as Millennials and Generation Z, leads to a new cultural and social phenomenon. In an ever-changing world, they consume content using video or media rather than text and photos,” said the team.

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By Nurul Ain Razali – 18-May-2022

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