Ellead Conducts the Clinical Evaluation and In-vitro Test of Ocular Irritation Test

19 January 2023

Depending on the characteristics of the ingredients in the cosmetics, some people feel pain or irritation symptoms in the eyes, so it is as important as skin irritation evaluation to make sure that the use of cosmetics is safe for the eyes. Ellead provides two services: clinical evaluation and alternative animal testing method for eye irritation evaluation. In the case of clinical evaluation, ophthalmologist conducts visual evaluation through « recurrent corneal erosine, » « hyperemia, » « inflammation, » and « TBUT » before and after using the product. The alternative animal testing method is an in vitro test method that can be used under certain and limited conditions to classify and display hazards to chemicals with short-term exposure (STE) in accordance with the MFDS guidelines. The relative viability of SIRC cells is quantitatively measured using MTT assay.



Sunhwa Lee



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