From Metrology to Expertise… By Orion Concept

18 November 2022

Calibrated photography and its quantitative analysis remain very popular in the objective approach to the effectiveness of a skincare product. If the offer of analysis of these images is wide, the transition from quantified parameters to the validation of product claims remains the business of less common expertise… The effect is reflected in the evolution of certain parameters but not necessarily the other way around. This is where the expertise comes in for the expected answer: «is the claim proven?». Through its experience of more than 25 years, Orion Concept offers you to certify the proof, where the measurement and analysis tools give «parameters» not always only linked to the action of a product.
«See to understand, show to convince»



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Save time and easily find the methods and the testing suppliers to substantiate your actives and cosmetics claims.

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Save time and easily find the methods and test providers to validate your product claims.