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High Resolution Imaging for Skin Microrelief Evaluation by Newtone Technologies

18 April 2023

Skin barrier function impairment is involved in many different skin conditions, resulting in skin discomfort and quality of life issue as well as visible skin dryness among other clinical consequences. Improving the skin barrier function and skin moisturizing is achievable when using cosmetics, which performance can be assessed either by using local instrumental measurements but also with high resolution innovative imaging solutions.

Newtone Technologies developed the SkinCam®, a nomadic high resolution imaging system that can be used either at the laboratory under controlled conditions or at home by the consumers / subjects themselves. Resulting self-calibrated and standardized images are of interest to document and illustrate the moisturizing effect.

Moreover, the analysis of the 2D images obtained under parallel polarized light and of 3D images resulting from shade before shading algorithms have been proven relevant and highly valuable to address subtle changes in the skin micro-relief pattern and roughness parameters (Gougeon S, Hernandez E, Chevrot N, et al. Evaluation of a new connected portable camera for the analysis of skin microrelief and the assessment of the effect of skin moisturisers. Skin Res Technol. 2022).




Solène Trevisan

Clinical Image Analysis Pole Manager