India advertising watchdog finds 27 health and personal care ads ‘misleading or unsubstantiated’ via Cosmetics Design USA

13 July 2016

By Lucy Whitehouse , 12-Jul-2016

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has found 27 recent complaints in the Health Care & Personal Care category to be valid, and has upheld the criticism against the brands in question.

The ASCI, part of the Consumer Complaints Council (CCC), has announced that the 27 adverts, including examples from L’Oréal, Hindustan Unilever and P&G, were either misleading or false for not sufficiently substantiated by adequate research.

The ASCI is a self-regulatory organization for the advertising industry. Established in 1985, ASCI’s role has been acclaimed by various Government agencies, the council says, however its rulings currently only have limited legal backing – in the case of television advertising.


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