Improvement of Cellulite and Skin Elasticity evaluation by DERMATEST via Global Cosmetics News

17 September 2015

Global leader in cellular health ASEA has announced findings from Dermatest which found that its Renu 28 skin gel improves the appearance of cellulite, while showing significant improvement in skin elasticity.

The dermatological research institute found that the gel effectively reduced the size of the adipose lobules to reduce cellulite. The study used 30 females aged 18 or over who suffered from cellulite. The women used the product twice a day for a 12 week period. The same areas were tested at the same position, with ultrasound measurements showing improvement in the thickness and density of the skin.

Charles F. Funke, ASEA Chief Executive Officer said, “While other treatments for cellulite employ inflammation and the use of fillers for a temporary effect, RENU 28 works with the body’s natural cellular communication to actually reduce the adipose lobules.”

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