Orion Concept Technolab, at your service for 25 years

31 August 2023

For 25 years now, Orion Concept Technolab has been at your service in image analysis and brings you its expertise in your solutions for your studies. They also offer laboratory equipment or for remote measurement, close to clinical perception, accurate and standardized minimizing the action of the experimenter.

Expertise in your image acquisitions

The entire Orion Concept Technolab team offers you the possibility to outsource your studies in image analysis. Indeed, present in the sector for years, the team of the company makes every effort to provide you with accurate analyses for your studies and an interpretation of the effect of the product on the skin to validate your claims. From routine study to comprehensive in-depth expertise, everything is possible for our customers.

They also offer support in your long-term and short-term projects. Mr Pittet’s expertise in consulting will allow you to be accompanied in your study projects and to be advised in the best way in your steps. Thanks to their know-how and expertise in the field of metrology, they are able to help you in your projects, to optimize your studies and guarantee the return on your investments. All their expertise is the subject of a certified expertise report.

Exploitation of results

They focus on the enhancement of results through their innovative materials that allow to obtain precise results, close to clinical perception. Indeed, thanks to its 3D and 2D iconography, you can better appreciate the results of your studies. These iconography and photos allow to have a clear and precise result, from the «before/after» effect to the complete «marketing» video for the validation of your claims.

Innovative materials

For the past 25 years, They have developed many skin expertise materials. Through the analysis of skin tone, elasticity, texture or pigmentation. They specialize in all forms of skin analysis. Innovation has been at the heart of our concerns for many years now to satisfy you.

Masters of the design and production process of their hardware and software, They also offer the possibility to adapt them to your requests. Any provision of these are associated with training and support for their use and exploitation of the acquired data.

Learn more about us

To learn more about our materials and expertise, please visit their website at https://www.orion-techno-lab.com/

or on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@orionconcept-technolab1443




PhD Jean Christophe PITTET

113 rue des Bordiers


+(33) 2 47 05 23 16


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