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Researchers discover new skin barrier properties by cosmetics business

4 October 2016

Researchers at Lund University’s Faculty of Science in Sweden have discovered further details about the properties of the skin barrier and how it changes in different environments.

The findings were the result of experiments using a combination of x-rays and microscopy at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland. Using this method the team was able to examine changes in the nanostructure of the barrier film.

Skin barrier discovered

The skin becomes more permeable in humid environments and the team was able to see the mechanism behind this in the stratum corneum. The team saw that both lipids and proteins in the skin were fluidised in humid conditions.

The findings explain why dry air doesn’t cause people to dehydrate and could be used to create cosmetic products that penetrate the skin more effectively.

The skin’s barrier regulates itself according to the environment it is in and adapts based on the properties of skin creams and other films applied.


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