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ReleGO™ and REVex™, the World’s First 4D Skin Testing Platform, Mimicking Blood Flow, is Far More Accurate, Fully Automated, Cost-effective, and Cruelty-free by Revivo BioSystems

11 June 2023

REVIVO BioSystems, a leading Singapore-based organ-on-chip company, has officially launched ReleGO and REVex in March 2023. The breakthrough organ-on-chip platform is the result of rigorous research and validation, solidifying its robustness and modernity, and it is set to bring a new dimension of reliability and efficiency to ex vivo and in vitro skin and human-tissue research. 

Functioning as a fraction collector that automates procedures with liquid handling and time-based sampling, ReleGO accommodates four REVex chips — single-use microfluidic devices for testing the safety and efficacy of chemicals, active ingredients, and product formulations on tissue explants or simulants. Each chip has 3 chambers, allowing as many as 12 unique tests to be run simultaneously in one ReleGO. Additionally, because protocols are automated, the product also eliminates the need for tiresome, labour-intensive sampling processes.


With ReleGO, the hassle of intense manual operations using traditional diffusion cells is a thing of the past

Prior to ReleGO, skin researchers were forced to rely on traditional vertical and flow-through diffusion cell apparatus that require 20 times more man-hours in tedious, time-sensitive manual operations. Beyond excessive expenditure on manpower and biomaterials, accuracy can be problematic, and inconsistencies are not uncommon. REVIVO BioSystems overcomes these challenges by mimicking the function of blood flow, hence introducing a fourth dimension: human cells and tissues receive a steady flow of nutrients and oxygen as they would in the body, and metabolic by-products are removed.  



Moreover with REVexdesigned in a miniaturised size, it requires only one-fifth the sample size needed for traditional technology.



“Traditional technology gives a static representation of what happens in the tissue, comparable to an old age camera that takes static black-and-white photos,” explains Dr. Massimo Alberti, CEO and founder of REVIVO BioSystems. “With the mimicking of the blood flow, REVIVO BioSystems’ technology gives a dynamic representation of the reactions in biological tissues like a modern video camera that captures motion frames in living colour”. 

“But ReleGO also provides an entirely new dimension of efficiency. Consider how the capsule coffee machine simplified preparing coffee and espresso. ReleGO and the REVex chips operate in a similar fashion, with users able to choose their preferred tissue simulant and media – much as one would select a favoured coffee blend. Though convenient and easy to use, it’s a high-throughput system that recreates physiological and cell-level processes outside the body.”



ReleGO is highly resource- and cost-efficient, in an effort to facilitate the transition to non-animal-based methods. The system is now available for order. REVex chips are available in a variety of price plans to cater to companies with different testing requirements. Additionally, REVIVO BioSystems’ testing services for 4D in vitro and ex vivo safety, efficacy, and permeation will continue to be available in support of our clients’ transition from their existing setup to ReleGO.

Achieve stronger product claims with REVIVO BioSystems know-how consultations and testing expertise

The team of experts at REVIVO BioSystems’ has extensive knowledge and experience in providing consultation and testing services to clients on safety, efficacy and permeation in vitro and ex vivo studies for skincare ingredients & product formulation. 

Their technology enables results from mechanistic studies that are unique to a dynamic platform of REVIVO’s. This means that clients can access valuable data and insights that are not readily available with traditional testing methods. By utilising their cutting-edge dynamic technology, REVIVO BioSystems can provide a better understanding of products’ modes of action and differentiated claims substantiation for their clients, setting them apart from their competitors. 

REVIVO BioSystems offers customised testing services to meet specific needs, ensuring desired outcomes are achieved in a timely and cost-effective manner. With their expertise, they assist clients in selecting the most suitable ingredient blends and dosages for their products and formulating them in a way that delivers the desired results. 

With extensive experience and expertise in the field, REVIVO BioSystems is poised to become a go-to partner for anyone looking to leverage the power of organ-on-chip technology in their research and product development.

What can REVIVO BioSystems do for you?

✓ Safety tests for ingredients and formulations



Toxicity & Phototoxicity

✓ Permeation studies

Transdermal delivery studies

In Vitro Skin Absorption (OECD 428)

In Vitro Release Testing (IVRT)

✓ Efficacy tests for product marketing claims



Integrity of skin barrier

Wound healing


Oxidative Stress


Enabling cruelty-free chemical testing

Although testing on animals is no longer considered acceptable in cosmetic product development, adoption of alternatives to animal testing remains low in other industries, such as in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. The ReleGO™ system provides a more efficient way to conduct preclinical testing, helping to facilitate the transition towards non-animal based methods of evaluation.

About REVIVO BioSystems

REVIVO BioSystems is a Singapore headquartered and home-grown life science and biotech company, determined to provide the first commercially viable tissue-on-chip testing technology, while adhering to the principles of cruelty-free research and testing. 


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