Webinar “Best-of Testing” – Post in-cosmetics global – Testing & Lab Zone – 6th April 2023

26 April 2023


This Webinar, organised in collaboration with in-cosmetics Global, took place on April 6th 2023, at 3pm

The goal was to present the innovations of the Testing Zone. During 20 minutes, Anne Charpentier presented a panorama of what to remember about the testing zone, its trends and the latest innovations, based on a meeting with each of the zone’s actors. The Boost Your Test partners presented their innovations for 10 minutes each.

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New and innovative methods to substantiate claims



Pedro Contrairas – CEO – General and Scientific Director


PhD Trials’ team of specialists will present new methods involving the use of the new Raman Spectroscopy System, used to evaluate ingredient penetration, very detailed water content assessment, the analysis of the stratum corneum thickness and the analysis of skin composition.  They will present the new VISIA CR system with Primos included, a new system to perform all the VISIA analysis system already known, but with the possibility to also analyze the wrinkles in the same photo. Besides, there will be the presentation of the new sensorial studies based on the concept of Emossome.



Antera 3D and its application for evaluation of cosmetic products



Guido Mariotto – CEO


We will describe the Antera 3D – (Miravex, Ireland) – that allows users to image, measure and analyze in a quantitative way skin topography, color, and spectral properties. We will discuss several case studies showing how the Antera 3D is able to measure the efficacy of cosmetic products for a range of claims spanning from wrinkles to pigmentation and scars. Furthermore, we will review the extensive bibliography of peer reviewed publication on the Antera 3D with a focus on Cosmetics applications.



Newtone technologies the energy of innovation



Veronique Newton – Scientific director


In the field of clinical skin Testing, CIDP proposes various safety protocols for single patch tests, HRIPT, skin compatibility, phototoxicity, photosensitization and use tests. In addition, CIDP enjoys an extensive equipment bank comprising of ANTERA, Colorface, DermLite lens, VISIA, Primos, Dermascan C, Visioscan, Spectrophotometer, Glossymeter, Moisture Map amongst others that help in objectively substantiating various efficacy claims on hydration, skin aging, skin lightening, hyperpigmentation etc. CIDP also proposes to evaluate different biomarkers by swabbing, tape stripping or skin biopsies. With its strategic location in Mauritius, Romania, India, and Brazil, CIDP has access to a wide pool of volunteers that facilitate recruitment of subjects of all phototypes, ethnicities and presenting various clinical criteria such as moderate, mild, or severe Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, melasma, ingrown hair etc.  With an international recognition in conduct of Photobiology studies, CIDP recently added new protocols such as Ultra Water resistance, sweat resistance, Sand Resistance, Rubbing Resistance in its catalogue of photobiology tests.



New evaluation of the skin longevity



Jose Mullor – Founder and Chief Scientific Officer


The study protocols proposed by Bionos Biotech are designed by selecting the best combination of in vitro and clinical studies. In this way, thanks to the in vitro studies, the mechanisms of cellular action of the active ingredients are explained, and through the Clinical Studies the effect of the cosmetics on the skin of the users is demonstrated. Regarding Clinical Studies, Bionos Biotech proposes the combination of measurement technologies that allow combining topographical and morphological studies (wrinkles, roughness, cellulite, etc.) with studies focused on skin tone (spots, uniformity, or redness) or skin hydration and firmness, creating a 3D image of the studied area. For in vitro studies, Bionos combines different technologies and cell lines to design test protocols that demonstrate the processes that the active ingredients trigger at the cellular level to achieve their objective.




Newtone technologies the energy of innovation



Elodie Prestat-Marquis

CSO – Senior Scientist


The Newtone family of solutions specializes in creating and developing increasingly powerful customized interpretation algorithms and acquisition systems, to help Cosmetic Industry to Innovate, Explore and Develop new products for all countries. One challenge addressed by Newtone is to develop solutions enabling to measure “ground truth”: what the consumers see in the mirror but also catch subtle cosmetics effects. To help investigate face skin parameters (wrinkles, fine lines, and roughness, complexion characteristics and pigmentation, microcirculation, blemishes, and lesions), Newtone developed specific optical solutions and algorithms, for a combined approach using full face visible light, UV or hyperspectral imaging and local macro 2D and 3D imaging. Last scientific publication are good examples of Newtone solutions potential. A review of these published innovation will be presented shortly during that webinar.






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