Skin Friendly Preservation by QACS

26 September 2022

Proficient Preservation for mild cosmetic formulations

QACS launches Skin Friendly Preservation to satisfy consumer needs for personalized skincare & manufacturers demands for effective cosmetic preservation. The Laboratory’s goal is to fill in the industry’s gap between mild cosmetic formulas and effective preservation systems. By combining novel testing technology and advanced technical know-how, Skin Friendly Preservation Testing from QACS examines Cosmetic Preservation Efficacy and Microbiome Friendly properties.

Skin Friendly Preservation Testing, Benefits

In addition to its cost-effective character, Skin Friendly Preservation Testing provides variety of benefits to the production of cosmetics and toiletries. Firstly, due to multiple trials conducted during the Research & Development stage, insightful data for the formulation management are being generated. These data assist preservative content optimization as well as product/skin compatibility. Additionally, formula optimization, leading to decreased usage of preservatives, benefits manufacturers with reduced formulation costs.

Skin Friendly Preservation Testing, Method

If Skin Friendly Preservation Testing is conducted during the Research and Development stage, a technically thorough consulting report is being composed. The report is based on Challenge Testing a.k.a. Cosmetic Preservation Efficacy and on In Vitro Microbiome Friendly test. During the In Vitro Microbiome phase, the product is challenged with a set of strain types, which is specific to the skin area in question and covers the vast majority of the expected microflora. As a result, cosmetic companies acquire an in-depth technical report on the optimum way of achieving regulatory compliance for preservative usage for mild formulations.

Skin Friendly Preservation Testing, Regulatory Compliance

For a product to be mild or at least be able to remain preserved while keeping the friendly bacteria intact, two other tests are necessary before its market debut. These are ISO 11930 Challenge Testing and Cosmetic Microbiome studies. QACS’s bespoke packages for Skin Friendly Preservation Testing form an end-to-end service, from formula optimization during the RnD stage to the final product market release.

Producers opting for the full package will benefit from reduced cost rates. All cosmetic testing can also be conducted separately.

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