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29 November Cosmetic Claims Webinar : How to Prove Them Scientifically by Karl Lintner – SpecialChem

Despite no harmonized regulation, consumers and governments are paying much more attention to cosmetic claims and have become much more demanding with regards to “proof ” for these claims. For instance in Brussels, a commission has been created to start working around cosmetic claims standardization.
  1. Develop claims that hold up under scrutiny, in a non-harmonized regulation environment
  2. Liaise more easily with independent labs by defining solid protocols (bibliography, in-vitro, in-vivo)
  3. Strengthen your substantiation dossiers by reviewing practical examples of success, challenges and failures.


The following sections will be covered during this session:

  1. What are “cosmetic claims “: short review of their history, legal situation, scientific background in pharma and cosmetic applications
  2. Why are they so necessary to cosmetic formulators/marketers at present
  3. What is the global situation: differences between various countries shifting goalposts
  4. How to evaluate claims supplied for various ingredients
  5. Claim substantiation dossier – do’s and don’ts :
    • Based on literature
    • Based on in vitro data
    • Based on vehicle controlled clinical studies
    • Ingredient based or finished formula
  6. Examples of success, challenges and failure
  7. What claims are acceptable before becoming a drug claim


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