3D skin model launched as alternative to animal testing via Cosmetics Design

22 June 2016

By Simon Pitman, 15-Jun-2016

French scientists have devised a new means of providing in vitro testing for cosmetics thanks to the development of a 3D skin model.

The new model has been proposed by Marine Norlunc, biology project manager at Syntivia, and was unveiled at the centre Pierre Poitier in Toulouse earlier this summer.
The model is being positioned as an alternative for preclinical toxicological testing methods, and answers to EU laws that are completely phasing out the testing of all cosmetic ingredients on animals.

Model developed as an alternative testing method

The team at Syntivia says that its 3D skin model was developed in answer to the problems that the only OECD approved alternative to animal testing is a reconstructed epidermis.
The development team set about the project with the aim of giving cosmetic companies more effective and easier to use choices, and teamed up with ITAV Institute for Advanced Life Science and Toulouse Tech Transfer to get the project off the ground.
According to the team, the project resulted in the creation and validation of a new and completely characterized epidermis
model that is perfectly functional for in-vitro studies.

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