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Cell Culture Inserts for Skin Tissue Culture by ThermoFisher Scientific

17 October 2016

Artificially grown, animal-free skin models are an important tool for simulating the effects of different conditions on epidermal tissues. In order to effectively culture such models, researchers must successfully induce keratinocytes to differentiate into
the various layers of epidermis, requiring direct exposure to air as well as culture media that is used to support cell growth
and differentiation.

Relevant applications and testing protocols:

  • Animal-free skin cell testing
  • Cosmetics product testing
  • Dermal toxicity assessment
  • Skin care product testing
  • Human skin cell growth
  • In vitro 3D epidermal tissue culture
  • Small-scale 3D skin growth
  • Human epidermal keratinocytes
  • Growing tissue with an air-liquid interface
  • Human epidermal reconstruction modeling

Discover a highly effective, time-saving method for culturing 3D skin epidermal tissue models

The Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Cell Culture Insert System offers a highly reliable, effective and efficient solution for culturing 3D epidermal skin models used in numerous applications—from skin care product testing to clinical screening of compounds and formulations.

The system for growing 3D skin tissue models includes:

  • A 24-well cell culture treated plate, preloaded with 4μm pore size polycarbonate membrane inserts
  • The proprietary 24-well carrier plate, designed to enable three different hanging height adjustments to accommodate required liquid-air interface culture and variable cell feeding protocols



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