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CERCO, Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche en Cosmétologie, expert in in Vivo measurements for the efficacy of cosmetic products, has ready access to, and the expertise in using standard to sophisticated tools. Until now, except echography, all our equipment explores cutaneous surface.

Always at the forefront of the latest technologies, since September 2016, CERCO is the first French CRO to have a Confocal Microscope (Vivascope System). This enables us to increase our expertise in the exploration of all cutaneous layers (from stratum corneum to dermis) in an innovative manner.

This visualisation and quantification tool (that enables the measurement of thickness of different layers, papillary dermis, pigmentation and collagen fragmentation), re-enforces those, dedicated to surface measurements. Among others it will enable us to evaluate the interactions between the deeper layers and the surface, and also the environmental impact and cosmetic action on the skin.

Fitting in with CERCOs strategic vision, this optical biopsy tool which is flexible, portable and handheld, is non invasive and is the latest way for CERCO to explore the cutaneous structures on all skin areas of the body.



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