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21 April 2016

Institutes Dr. Schrader have set standards in efficacy testing during the last four decades. Among the great variety of different test protocols for skin care products, decorative cosmetics like lipstick, mascara and make-up gaining more and more importance in testing.

Although it is an undeniable fact that color cosmetics (decorative cosmetics) are often a matter of personal taste and preferences, a lot of parameters that lead to a nice and glamorous look can be measured or otherwise quantified.

For all fields of color cosmetics the long lasting character of the test products is an essential factor.

Expert grading, self assessment of the consumer as well as photo-documentation are means to measure and count the effectiveness of a product:

  • Long Lasting Effect
  • Water Proof Effect
  • Sweat Proof Effect

Trained cosmetic professionals for visual assessments as well as two in house hair dressers are available.

The possibility to apply the product under controlled conditions – the possibility to perform kinetics over 16 hours on the same day are only two important factors for your claim support.

  • Professional Photo Studio

The in vivo studies can be accompanied by different in vitro measurements especially as proof for longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes.

  • Volume Effect
  • Longer Eyelashes

Decorative make-up like blemish balms and complexion correctors should show both, care and covering effects in one application.

Thus, when selecting a subject panel it is essential not only to find the right skin type but also the right target group.

Depending on the requirements of your test products subject panels can be composed to fit your specific inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Due to our large volunteer data base the combination of different skin types, using habits and other important criteria of the test panel are easy and time efficient.

During inclusion visits further parameter are checked by experts like dermatologists, hair dressers or cosmeticians.

The volunteer database contains several thousand anamnestically recorded subjects for many different kinds of studies.

  • Volunteer Database

All assessments and measurements can be performed under particular conditions like

  • Defined climate and lightning
  • Defined application
  • Practice oriented under home-in-use conditions
  • Specifically defined conditions

For this purpose two large special sensory rooms with defined climatic and lightning conditions are available.

As a matter of course all tests include statistical analysis.
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