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Competitive Intelligence of cosmetic market by RSSCOSMETIC

27 may 2015 – Bruno Gallimand – VIEDOC.

Identify, extract and cross reference

Competitive Intelligence to get greater visibility and clarity of the cosmetic market.
Competitive and market intelligence consists in identifying, extracting and cross-referencing disseminated data from the political, societal, economical and technical spheres to provide in-depth competitive and market information to business decision-makers.

If you were hired to research, but spend too much time in meetings. If you are paid to make strategic recommendations, but frequently worry about missing critical details. If you are skilled at analysis, but don’t get a chance to do enough of it. Then it’s possible you should be doing things differently and use a solution that gives you a better way to make sense of your competitive environment so you can add immediate value in your role.

Up to recently cosmetic professionals only relied on the trade press and professional associations to stay informed. Today there is a solution that provides professionals with reliable and to-the-point news gathered from many different sources of information in order to get a clear picture.

At Viedoc, we feel that in order for users to effectively compete by using a competitive intelligence tool, it should automate the following activities:
1. Research
2. Monitoring
3. Organizing
4. Sharing

If all of these are done correctly and effectively, users will then get a greater visibility and clarity of their market.

Rss Cosmetic to save time and get the right information at the right time
Rss Cosmetic is the only professional solution on the market which truly simplifies searching, monitoring, organizing and sharing information and helps users get greater visibility and clarity of the cosmetic market in order:
– monitor product launches, competitors’ announcements, suppliers’ news …
– identify new players,
– find new markets and prospects,
– follow up legislation,
– keep updated with innovations and market trends.

Starting from 900 € per year, Rss Cosmetic is an affordable solution for every company eager to keep an edge on their competitors. For more information or a demo, please visit

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