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Coptis LAB: the software solutions for Cosmetic R&D. How do you know which tests to perform today? How do you compare the tests results?

22 March 2016

In Coptis Lab, it’s very easy to follow up on your tests…. there is an automated feature that reminds each tester which tests to perform and there is an additional feature that allows you to compare all your tests results on your different formulas!

Coptis Lab is the core of Coptis’ range of solutions; the software specifically designed for cosmetic formulation laboratories (Cosmetic Manufacturers, Private Label, Raw material suppliers etc.).  Thanks to Coptis Lab tests features, Cosmetic R&D formulators improve the follow-up of their tests:

  • Management of tests with customizable tests grids
  • Automatic planning of tests to be performed
  • Compare tests results on different formulas

Coptis Lab software enables the cosmetic industry to efficiently manage formulation, testing and regulatory compliance.

About Coptis company:  With extensive “IT and Cosmetic Market” expertise, COPTIS offers performance Software Solutions for Cosmetic R&D Laboratories for more than 15 years.

Our team of cosmetic chemists and IT specialist is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our products by utilizing the benefits of our cosmetic expertise, Users Club and direct recommendations from our clients. Our main goal is to ensure that all our users benefit from the ongoing evolutions of our systems. This is why the Coptis solution has become the standard in the cosmetic Industry.

Thanks to Coptis solutions, Cosmetic laboratories optimize their product development, reduce time to market and improve the quality & reliability of information

“Coptis has immensely improved the ability to share and trace the formulation development done in our lab. It has proven to be an invaluable database of trials and test results to evaluate our current formulations as well as providing starting point for our future projects.”

Tomas BYSTRÖM – Development Chemist ACO HUD NORDIC AB – a Swedish formulation laboratory manufactures and markets cosmetic and medicinal skin care products.

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