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CTI-BIOTECH just signed a major Skin Research Partnership in biotechnologies with NIKKOL group and NIKODERM RESEARCH

18 April 2016

APRIL 15, 2016 IN LYON, France

SIGNING OF A MAJOR FRANCO-JAPANESE RESEARCH PARTNERSHIP IN BIOTECHNOLOGIES, PHARMACEUTICALS AND DERMO-COSMETICS CTIBiotech, Nikkol Group and Nikoderm Research officialize their strategic agreement in the presence of the Japanese Ambassador and the President of Lyon Metropole

MEYZIEU-LYON (69), April 12, 2016 –
An evaluation of irritant and other physical effects is required for all products that come into contact with the skin: cosmetics, quasi-drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, raw materials derived from natural products and synthetic raw materials. In this sector, acquiring strategic data on safety and efficacy is essential to the development of new products. With this in mind, CTIBiotech and Nikkol
Group, both with cutting-edge R&D in non-animal testing methods, are signing a research and development partnership.

In Japan, Nikoderm Research introduced for the first time highly-functional models of reconstructed human skin, which were first approved in the European Union. The Japanese group then reached out to specialized dermotological testing and evaluation institutions in France, the US and Brazil, leading to the strategic partnership with CTIBiotech. A young, innovative company specialized in biotechnologies, CTIBiotech has developed research on stem cells, tissue engineering and the production of new cellular models (in vitro and ex vivo) for biomedical, pharmaceutical and dermatocosmetic research, but also for medical devices applied to cell therapy.
Following the international IN COSMETICS congress, held in Paris from April 12-13 of this year, a delegation of executives from Nikkol Group and Nikoderm Research will go to Lyon on April 15 to officialize this high added-value Franco-Japanese collaboration. A signing ceremony at Lyon’s city hall and a tour of CTIBiotech – Institut de Recherche en Thérapie Cellulaire – will take place in the presence of the Japanese ambassador to France and the president of « Grand Lyon » along with regional government officials.

This partnership is expected to generate new jobs, with the opening of the collaborative office and laboratory CTIBiotech / Nikoderm Research, and should enable both groups to strengthen their respective presence in Asian and European markets. Thanks to this agreement supported by ADERLY / Invest In Lyon, the French research institute and the Japanese group will develop new and innovative techniques in the two partners’ areas of expertise. The goal: consolidate their technological advance in the acquisition of precise data on product safety and efficacy, in order to develop new health and beauty products.

« The partnership with CTIBiotech and the establishment of a European liaison office will allow Nikoderm
Research to develop collaborations with the academic laboratories and universities », explains Daiki KYOTANI,
General Manager at Nikoderm Research.

« The objective is to remain on the cutting edge of R&D, in order to
develop innovative new models. These models will enable us to get as close as possible to real cutaneous
physiology, and facilitate the development of new active molecules that can be used in treating skin diseases
(dermatology) as well as in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. »

« This agreement confirms our positioning as a key player in 3-dimensional tissue engineering and the production
of humanized cellular bioassays for pharmaceutical and dermato-cosmetic research, » says Professor Colin
McGUCKIN, Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer at CTIBiotech.

« Thanks to this partnership we are expanding our outlook to new Asian markets, while Nikoderm Research
reinforces its presence in Europe. »….



Founded in 2008, CTIBIOTECH is specialized in biotechnologies and particularly in research on cancer, stem cells, tissue engineering and the production of innovative cell models (in vitro et ex vivo) for biomedical, pharmaceutical and dermatocosmetic research, as well as medical devices applied to cell therapy.
CTIBIOTECH contributes to the development of new cell and regenerative therapies in order to make progress in the treatment of diseases such as cerebral palsy, strokes, diabetes, cancer, orthopedic and cranio-facial malformations, blood diseases as well as immune system, hepatic and cardiovascular diseases.
CTIBIOTECH implements a multi-disciplinary strategy that encourages and stimulates innovation in complementary areas: cellular biology, genetics, biomaterials chemistry, engineering, nanotechnologies, bio-imagery, biophysics and bioethics. In 2015, the proportion of operating expenses allocated to research & development represented 80% of revenues. CTIBIOTECH collaborates internationally with the academic and industrial sectors to develop clinical trials in regenerative medecine and against cancer.
Fully licensed as a biobank of human tissues and cells for scientific applications, CTIBIOTECH is certified by the regional health agency of Rhône Alpes to host and train pharmaceutical and medical interns for semester-long internships. CTIBIOTECH trains students and doctoral candidates in biomedical research and biotechnologies. CTIBIOTECH is an active member of professional and industry associations such as Lyon Biopôle, competitiveness cluster; the AFSSI, Association Française des Sociétés de Services et d’Innovation pour les Sciences de la Vie; European Center of Dermocosmetology, which promotes the activities of regional Rhône-Alpes cosmetics companies on a national and international level.