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DermaLab TransEpidermal Water Loss for skin barrier function assessment by Cortex

14 February 2016

DermaLab TEWL open chamber units

The open chamber design maintains the free natural evaporation from the surface without interfering with the environment over the measurement area, thus ensuring unbiased and accurate readings.

For many years this has been considered the “gold standard” in water loss measurement.
Inside the measurement head, the sensors are protected to eliminate variation caused by air currents and direct incident light, which are problems usually associated with the open chamber method.

Consequently, the DermaLab probes do not require a protected environment – measurements may be performed in normal laboratory environments.​

Operation of the water loss module is fully menu driven with readout of actual measurement as well as individual sensor values and environmental conditions.

For further processing an on-screen button allows for easy data transfer into spreadsheets.


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