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DERMATEC-Lyon offers customized services, from standard to innovative studies.

DERMATEC-Lyon is integrated in a medical and scientist environment and deals with the most serious partners in each step of project management (recruitment of special targets by specialists, medical & innovation expertise, e-CRF). In addition, with its long experience in biomedical studies management, DERMATEC-Lyon conducts all categories of study:

  • interventional or not (preparation of file for submission in conformity with the last decrees)
  • standard to innovative (from Use-test with clinical evaluation & standard instrumentation to high-technology devices use assisted by experts)
  • including healthy subjects to patients presenting with dermatosis


Anti-pollution by DERMATEC-Lyon:

Repeated exposures to pollutants (UVR, PAH, VOC, PM2,5, cigarette smoke) causes cellular oxidation, main process of skin aging. DERMATEC-Lyon proposes the analysis of skin samples at different timepoints and versus a control area in a polluted environment allowing to claim “anti-pollution” of cosmetic products coupled with several evaluations (improvement in complexion radiance, wrinkles & fine lines appearance, …) with current to innovative instrumentation. We also work on a project of development to improve the standardization of anti-pollution evaluation.




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