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You wish to evaluate your product’s protection against infrared radiation? Dermscan offers you various methods allowing you to accurately measure its preventive action or healing effect.

You are offered a wide choice of in vivo measurements to visualize and/or quantify skin microcirculation, rash and skin temperature.

We also carry out skin samplings in order to realize biochemical measurements of oxidative stress markers: MDA (Malondialdehyde) or antioxidant enzymes SOD (superoxide dismutase).

Infrared radiations (IR) are made up of IRA rays (from 700 to 1400 nm), IRB rays (from 1400 to 3000 nm) and IRC rays (from 3000 nm to 1 mm). IRA rays go deep into the skin layers and not IRB or IRC rays.

Infrared radiation is made up of almost 30% of IRA rays, of which 65% reach the dermis and 15% the hypodermis.

Infrared radiations play an important part in skin photo-aging: They are responsible for the sensation of warmth, generate skin inflammation, cause oxidative damages (produce free radicals) and impact the mitochondrial integrity…/…


Hereafter, after being exposed to infrared radiations, are some examples/measurements of the impact on:

Skin microcirculation

We use a polarized light spectroscopy method with the Tissue Viability Imager TiVi® that allows us to evaluate the red blood cell concentration at the skin level. The lower this concentration, the higher the protection / soothing effect of the product.


Skin temperature

We quantify radiated heat that is related to the skin’s surface temperature with a Ti300®infrared thermal camera (Fluke). Measurements are contact free, non invasive and in real time. The more the temperature decreases, the higher the protection / soothing effect of the product.


The Malondialdehyde (MDA) concentration

MDA is a crucial oxidative stress marker, caused in particular by solar radiation. It is considered to be one of the end products of polyunsaturated fatty acids’ oxidation. The lower its concentration, the higher the protection / soothing effect of the product.

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For further information on our protection / soothing effect of an anti-infrared product evaluation techniques and biochemical testing done after skin sampling:

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