Does this wrinkle app represent the advent of deep learning in beauty? via Cosmetics Design Europe

30 May 2016

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By Simon Pitman+, 26-May-2016
Anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle claims have long been questioned by both consumers and beauty industry experts alike, but now a new app invites users to verify claims from their own home.
The app is called RYNKL and was developed by Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov and his team of researchers, then launched by creating a crowdfunding campaign from Kickstart.

To date the campaign has 96 backers and has raised over US$12,000. What the app does In a nutshell the app can be downloaded to a smart phone, then the user loads up the information about the anti-wrinkle products they are using, as well as regularly updated facial photos to analyse the effectiveness of the treatment on any existing wrinkles.


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