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EUROSENSE, Dijon 11-14 September, food but also cosmetics

6 September 2016


Unravelling the differences that matter: learning from innovating across markets and product categories  by Ana Thomas, Unilever, UK

Dr Anna Thomas is Principal Scientist for Brain & Behaviour at Unilever R&D. She is responsible for the scientific quality and future direction of its exploratory research ranging from neuroscience to behaviour, ensuring Unilever’s long-term competitiveness. Anna joined Unilever in 1998 and has directed innovation projects spanning many different consumer targets, product categories and markets — including Brazil, Russia, India and China. She collaborates with leading universities in Europe and Asia and received public funding from Europe and the UK to explore the application of neuroimaging to scientific questions of fundamental importance to Unilever. Anna is also Visiting Professor at the Department of Food Engineering, EWHA Womans University, Seoul, Korea.


Others Speakers

  • Per Bruun Brockhoff, Danish Technical University, Denmark
    Sensometrics: Statistics, psychometrics or chemometrics?
  • Sylvie Droit Volet, Clermont-Ferrand University, France

    Our Sense of Time

  • Pierre Chandon, INSEAD, Paris, France
    Pleasure, size, and food marketing: Can we make eaters happier to pay more for less?
  • Lisa Feldman Barrett, Northeastern University, Boston, USA
    Emotion inside out:  From cartoon neuroscience to the predictive brain
  • Suzanne Higgs, University of Birmingham, UK

    The role of food memories in food choice

  • Hal MacFie, Hal MacFie Training, UK
    Sensory science has got to move on
  • Lisa Methven, University of Reading, UK
    Age-related sensory perception and food behaviour
  • Kathrin Ohla, German Institute of Human Nutrition, Potsdam-Rehbrücke, Germany
    Psychophysiological mechanisms of multisensory food perception
  • Ana Thomas, Unilever, UK
    Unravelling the differences that matter: learning from innovating across markets and product categories