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Expertscale to find the skin experts worldwide

Expertscape objectively ranks people and and institutions by their expertise in more than 29,000 biomedical topics.

Read how we do it.

Among these experts you may find:

  • A great physician — to help you with your medical problem,
  • A great scientist — to collaborate with you,
  • A great interview subject — if you are a journalist,
  • A great expert witness — if you are an attorney.

Any time you need an expert in a life science topic, Expertscape can help.

Get started now — it’s completely free, and there’s no sign-up.


Who Needs Expertscape?


  • Anyone seeking a second opinion.
  • Anyone ill, wishing to change physicians.
  • Anyone with a rare or unusual condition.

Read our reasons for building Expertscape.


  • Physicians making an out-of-town referral.
  • Attorneys seeking expert witnesses.
  • Journalists seeking experts to interview.
  • Biomedical researchers seeking collaborations.
  • Journal editors seeking reviewers.

You’ve been around long enough to know that nothing beats a great brain. Find the people who can help you.


  • Hospitals or practice groups wanting to brag about their great people.

Your people are your greatest asset. Make it easy for patients around the world to discover and consult them. Target your advertising by medical condition and by geography.

Learn more about advertising and sponsorship programs. Also: Pharmaceutical programs, Physician programs.

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