How to assess and label photostability performance by HELIOSCREEN

9 January 2016

We are pleased to share with you the latest HELIONEWS 22. In this issue, discover different information dedicated to sun protection testing:

In Vitro Suncare Open Days 2016: Two days dedicated to the In Vitro sunscreen testing free of charge!

New claim for photostability performance: Discover how to assess and label photostability performance.

Reproducibility of in vivo Water Resistance value: Discover the variability of Water Resistance value according to in vivo method assessment.

Our involvement in In Vitro sunscreen testing field leads us to diffuse this document all over the world to the community of the experts of all our customers and partners.

We hope that this information will be useful and enriching for your next projects.


Things are moving… slowly. The hope of an international accepted method for in vitro SPF within the ISO process has been stopped by some members of the group who finally stated there would be no enough advance to go on. Some of them never assisted or participated to the group since the beginning, other changed their mind despite of a prior unanimous acceptation from the group reported to the ISO committee. It is a fact, political was stronger than technical but it is clear we need an in vitro method and we also need a method which is reliable and give the same value in all worldwide laboratories (in vivo and in vitro methods). Indeed, as we had the knowledge of several in vivo SPF values from different laboratories, it was easy to compare the correlation in vivo/in vivo vs. in vivo/in vitro. The conclusion, it was at the same level!
Thus, today, everybody knows about the dispersion of the in vivo method and the fact than anyone can choose the institute to get the most convenient claimed SPF. So, I really wonder how to improve whatever
the method in the future?
Our laboratory has been a great contributor and I really think it is better not to lose our time and money again following the proposal of starting everything again… at least in the ISO committee. I spend a lot of time in Asia and see how the European methods are credible, some times more than international ISO, so
I hope something could come from the west again…

Dominique Lutz, CEO Scientist Manager

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