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How to study Anti-Aging and Anti-Cellular Waste, exemple by Rahn’s Proteolea via SpecialChem

20 November 2015

Published on 2015-11-19. Author : SpecialChem –

New Study Confirms Efficacy of RAHN’s PROTEOLEA® to Combat Aging Against Cellular Waste.

Advanced glycation end products, AGE, are a specific form of cellular waste formed by spontaneous bonding of sugar to proteins, DNA and lipids. In AGE-damaged skin, the collagen fibers of the dermis are crosslinked by sugar derivatives and can thus no longer move independently. This results in the development of aging symptoms such as wrinkles and decreased elasticity and firmness. Because of the inherent coloration of the sugar molecules, an increased level of AGE can cause the skin to appear sallow and yellowish.

Due to its powerful ingredients jujube and olive, PROTEOLEA® promotes mechanisms to counteract AGE-damages in skin: oleuropein activates the proteasome, the natural recycling system of skin cells and thus helps reduce existing levels of AGE. Furthermore, due to their anti-oxidative properties oleuropein and jujube generally have an AGE-reducing potential and prevent the formation of new AGE.

In a new double-blind, placebo-controlled and randomized in-vivo study, RAHN could demonstrate the anti-AGE-effect of PROTEOLEA®: upon four weeks of application the active ingredient reduces the accumulation of AGE in the skin and noticeably improves skin complexion and radiance.

The four facets of PROTEOLEA®

Detoxifying: Activates the proteasome which slows down with age and optimizes cellular recycling.
Anti-glycation: Reduces the accumulation of advanced glycation end products (AGE).
Anti-pollution: Strengthens the skin’s antioxidant defense system and prevents the formation of oxidized cellular waste caused by aerial pollutants, stress or sun.
Anti-aging: Rejuvenates the eye area by 6 years in 4 weeks and improves skin roughness, hydration and cell renewal.

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