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Imactiv-3D a new French subcontractor dedicated to 3D imaging and activity evaluation

We are your research partner to meet three essential goals:

1 – How to recapitulate in vivo conditions for the evaluation of new compounds?

Because of the ethical and societal considerations as well as the very high cost of animal testing, in vitro 3D models that recapitulate normal or pathological human tissues are essential for understanding the intimate mechanisms of growth and for the development of new treatments. Spheroids or micro-tissues faithfully reproduce the organization of a tissue, recapitulating the cell-cell connections, cell-microenvironment and cellular heterogeneity found in the micro-regions of a tumor or organ. They are considered attractive models to assess the anti-proliferative activity of new drugs or genotoxic properties.

The activity we offer is based on our strong expertise in the development of multicellular 3D models from existing lines or from cells supplied by customers. We can support the assessment of a compound from 3D cell culture, through the processing of 3D models up to their three-dimensional exploration. We also propose to support 3D samples, tissues and organs, to prepare them for their exploration by 3D imaging.

2 – How to explore and visualize the effects of new compounds?

To fully exploit the capabilities of 3D cell models, instead of an overall assessment, it is essential to preserve the 3D regionalization level of analysis when investigating the effect of a drug. We must be able to answer key questions such as:

• How deep a compound penetrates into the tumor?

• What is its action dynamics on a macro and micro scale?

• Does my product hits the target? What is its duration of action?

We provide a service to explore the dynamics of regionalization and the effects of new compounds in 3D models. We will build for it on 2D and 3D microscopy technologies like the most innovative light sheet microscopy, multi-photon (available on technological service platforms of ITAV).

We also provide full imaging of your samples (up to 1 cm3): micro-tissues, organelles or fragments of bodies. These samples will undergo specific preparation according to the most appropriate imaging system.

3 – How to characterize quantitatively the effects of new compounds?

To get the most out of the experiments and make a decision with high confidence, we must be able to rely on numbers. We offer expert service in the characterization and quantification of all acquired data, including quantification of multiparametric images. We offer criteria for an objective assessment of the effects of molecules on multiple biological parameters of cells and tissues, such as the expression of target, viability, proliferation, cell cycle, 3D organization, apoptosis, etc …

Imactiv 3D


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