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Innovative human skin model with real human skin tissue by Genoskin

Genoskin’s high quality human skin model is the closest alternative to in vivo clinical testing currently available on the market. Our innovative human skin model uses real human skin that is kept alive for 7 days in multi-well testing kits to enable much broader efficacy and toxicity studies on pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products.

Skin models using real human skin tissue provide an excellent alternative to animal testing, as they offer reproducible results and contain no animal components. Since our human skin model uses donated human skin tissue, it holds all the characteristics and appendages of real human skin. This set-up allows you to test your products on a human skin model that exhibits appropriate skin barrier function, tissue integrity, morphology and physiology.

The donated human skin tissue is collected and treated in compliance with all applicable regulations. Every skin model is tested for safety before it is integrated in our testing kits, which are shipped worldwide.


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