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Japan Evidence Based Association, JEBCA, in Tokyo, Japan by ZOOM#2

17 January 2017

Evidence based cosmetic (EBC) which are cosmetic products that have scientifically proved and evidence function is a worldwide trend these days. By promoting EBC, JEBCA aims at supporting further progress of cosmetic science as well as providing access to more reliable evidence base information to the consumers. They search, evaluate and widely distribute EBC information and knowledge.

As a result, they contribute to beauty, health and furthermore, the quality of life (QOL) of people and the community in which they live. Their activities are 1) Search, evaluate and widely distribute EBC information, 2) Coordinate seminar and workshop related to EBC, 3) Provide the association certification to EBC ingredients and the products, and the related services and technologies, 4) Provide consultation and advice related to EBC, 5) Collaborate with other individuals, companies and associations relates to cosmetics and 6) any other activities that promote EBC.

For more details, please contact JEBCA office,


Dr. Akira Date

e-mail; or

Address;1-23-10-602 Ginza, Chou-ku,

Tokyo 104-0062 JAPAN,

Phone; (+81)3-6228-6906)