Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer microscope comes to market this month by Deanna Utroske – Cosmetics Design USA

16 December 2015

 15-Dec-2015 –

Yesterday at the annual meeting of the American Society of Cell Biology, the living cell tomography company debuted its new microscope, which lets researchers work with cells like never before. Running trials and testing scenarios on unaltered live cells and being able to observe the results in 3D has the potential to completely shift current thinking about product efficacy in the personal care industry.


Far and near

The commercial potential for the new Nanolive microscope is tremendous and extends beyond the beauty business:

“Among the first customers for the microscope will be Universities and biotech, medtech, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies,” notes Cécilia Carron in her item about the new tool on

The company explains that researchers using the new technology “will actually see and measure precisely the impact of stimuli and drugs on cells, thus enabling completely new fields of research and smarter products,” as Cosmetics Design reported earlier this year when Nanolive was taking pre-orders for the microscope.


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