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New sensory evaluation: The Aromyx approach maintains both the sensitivity and specificity of the human nose and tongue

9 January 2016

We have designed a cost effective and stable way to put the human olfactory receptors on a bioassay, avoiding the use of live cell lines and in a disposable bioassay format customers can use on their own premises.

Unlike chemical sensors or mass spectrometry, the Aromyx EssenceChip system shows the biochemical signals that a cup of coffee, a sniff of perfume or a glass of wine send to the brain, as mediated by the human nose and tongue.

The bioassay reveals the same biochemical signals that the nose and tongue send to the brain in response to a flavor or fragrance. It scientifically records flavors and fragrances, with reproducible results. The output of our bioassay has a direct correlation to what a person smells and what the brain experiences.

The Aromyx approach maintains both the sensitivity and specificity — the ability to discriminate — of the human nose and tongue. The collection of biochemical signals is represented by a digital aromagraph.


The Aromyx EssenceChip™ is configurable from over 350 human olfactory receptors and is available to Beta customers in the food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, tobacco and flavor and fragrance industries. Contact us to order the complete set or to arrange targeted testing for subsets important to your business

Quantify the Human Response to Flavor and Fragrance
Aromyx has designed a patent-protected, portable platform placing human olfactory receptors onto a disposable bioassay in a stable and cost-effective way. We provide a scientific, reproducible platform to digitally record tastes and smells and correlate their effect on consumers.


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