Nivea smells app opportunity with new body odour detector via Cosmetics Design USA

27 April 2016

By Lucy Whitehouse, 26-Apr-2016

Global skin care and deodorant manufacturer Nivea is making waves with the launch of its new, body odour detecting app, NOSE.

The Beiersdorf-owned company teamed up with Vietnam-based advertising agency Happiness FCB to create the
technology, which involves a special phone case containing the hardware to detect consumers’ aromas, and let them know when it’s time to freshen up.

Nivea calls it “the world’s first electronic nose for smartphones”, and says it will allow your mobile to smell and tell you if ‘it’s okay’, ‘it’s time’, or ‘it’s urgent’, referring to your level of personal pong.

The app and hardware has been launched initially in Belgium, with reports suggesting that the company intends to roll it out worldwide.
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