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Olay’s New Survey Studies Evolution of Women’s Attitudes Towards Aging via SpecialChem

17 December 2015

Published on 2015-12-14 –

NEW YORK – We’re living in an era when scientific advances are helping women enjoy longer, healthier, more active lives, and bringing the ability to look ageless within reach. As a result, women are no longer being defined by their chronological age, but instead by how they act, think and feel.

According to a recent Olay global survey, eight out of ten women worldwide believe chronological age will continue to become less relevant. Done in partnership with and reaching 6,800 women in 11 countries, the study was designed to capture how women’s attitudes on aging have evolved and ultimately reinforced that women are less limited by what is considered “age appropriate.”

• The majority of US respondents (66%) report that over the last five to ten years, women look better than ever, and it’s difficult to tell a woman’s true age
• Three-quarters of US women believe that a combination of genetics and lifestyle influences the way their skin ages most
• Another three quarters agree that physical appearance is more likely to give away a woman’s age than the way she behaves, and the majority of women surveyed indicated that the best compliment they could receive is “I would have never guessed your age”