Scientists identify low-cost production method for wearable skin patches via Cosmetics Design

6 October 2015

By Andrew McDougall+, 02-Oct-2015

Scientists have found a way to produce high-performing wearable skin patches that can continuously monitor and communicate the body’s vital signs at a low cost.

The discovery could see these new patches outperform traditional monitoring tools such as cardiac event monitors,
according to the team; and they could also have a cosmetics use as they can monitor skin condition and hydration levels.

The cosmetics industry is no stranger to such technology with the likes of L’Oréal demonstrating how a wearable device could have a big future for thermal evaluations in a non-invasive manner , as a skin patch it is looking into could be used to find out the condition of the skin at certain points.

The skin is, after all, our body’s largest organ and can actually communicate with us, says the French cosmetics maker, who says such information obtained can provide information and analysis of the effectiveness of active compounds and help development of products targeting specific issues.

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