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Search for partner to develop an EU-Standard for calibration of different blood pressure Instrument by ENE

A German company specialised in calibration of measurement instruments is interested in a European cooperation with the overall aim of developing an EU-Standard for calibration of different blood pressure Instrument.

The most commonly applied measurement is the oscillator measurement. For measurement purposes at least two measurement signals are recorded:

– exact measurement of the oscillation of the blood vessel wall

– exact measurement of the pressure in the cuff of the Instrument

Only the measurement of both signals gives reliable and useable statements of the systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. Furthermore, the measurement procedure must be precisely and clearly described. That is why it is necessary to set up a measurement site where measurements can be carried out and recorded.

However, different regulations and guidelines in European countries with regard to blood pressure measurements haven’t yet solved the problem. The development of calibration standards makes only sense in the frame of a European cooperation. This approach would consist of a uniform standard for the calibration of non-invasive blood pressure measurement instruments.

Currently, no such Standard exists on European Level. However, it is a necessary requirement in order to ensure comparability of measurement values and clinical diagnoses as well as disease Patterns within the EU.

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