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Strengthening the Global Barrier Effect by Silab’s Actives via Happi

12 November 2015

From a traceable and controlled supply chain of the néré tree in Burkina Faso, Nerenyl is a biomimetic active ingredient developed by Silab Research. The material is rich in néré (Parkia biglobosa) seed biosaccharides and capable of strengthening the skin barrier and durably moisturizing the skin.Applied to in vitro technologies with 3D biological models, Nerenyl restores an effective functional barrier by activating epidermal differentiation and cellular cohesion. Nerenyl thus reduces transepidermal water loss while allowing the skin to recover an optimum barrier function more quickly. Nerenyl regulates the skin’s water requirements by stimulating the synthesis of key hydration mediators: hyaluronic acid and aquaporins 3, according to Silab.With Nerenyl, the overall quality of panelists’ dry skin is enhanced, radiance is revived and the microrelief is smoothed. Easy-to-formulate with its water-soluble liquid form, Nerenyl is patented, preservative-free and compliant with worldwide cosmetic regulations (Europe, US, China and Japan).