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Study shows how ethnic hair products need to be formulated differently to be adequate from Cosmetics Design Europe

4 February 2016

By Andrew McDougall, 21-Jan-2016

A new study out of Spain has shown that hair care products formulated for one ethnicity may not adequately address the needs of others as lipid composition, water uptake and mechanical properties are all different.

In the study, carried out by the Advanced Chemical Institute of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC) and published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science , ethnic hairs were assessed related to their lipid composition, and some differences between them were found in terms of water uptake and mechanical properties.

The results of this research have particular relevance to chemists and new product development specialists who work in the ethnic hair-care market.

The research team says that it is clear that African hair differs from Caucasian in a number of important ways, suggesting that the products formulated for Caucasian hair and sold in the general market may not adequately address the special hair-care needs of the African American consumer.

The study opens new prospects for the development of lipid-related products able to increase protection of ethnic hair.

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