The Dirty Truth About Pollution-induced Skin Aging: The AhR Pathway Tells All via Cosmetics & toiletries

3 January 2017

September 29, 2016

By: Imke Meyer and William Johncock, Ph.D., Symrise AG, Hamburg, Germany; and Susanne Grether-Beck, Ph.D., and Jean Krutmann, Ph.D., Leibniz Institut für Umweltmedizinische Forschung GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany

More than 80% of consumers worldwide think skin absorbs pollution from the air. Pollution, dirt and chemicals from vehicle emissions, plants, factories, cigarette smoke, etc., are seen by consumers as the second largest cause of skin, scalp and hair problems across the globe; the first is lack of sleep. In some countries, e.g., Russia and China, air pollution is considered a predominant cause of hair and skin problems—even more than sun exposure. Those most sensitive to dust and dirt are consumers in Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan and India, followed by Russia and China.

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