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Tuto Video to Accelerate your Testing & Partner Search for Clinical Testing and Claim Substantiation by Skinobs

18 November 2019

Discover the Best Worldwide Overview of the Clinical Testing
A tuto video to save time in your test search

Standard Search
Tests – Measurement devices – Testing Labs

The Skinobs team is glad to share with you the 1st video [2’22”] for standard search of clinical testing partners.

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1. Find per claim, per type of test, product, subjects and countries

  • What test: Tolerance, efficacy, consumer test, sensory analysis or fibre testing
  • What product: Facial care, Body care, Suncare, Make-up, Toiletries,
  • What Claims: moisturizing… among 60
  • What subjects: African, Asian or Caucasian style
  • Where, What countries: see the World map and locate the Headquarters and subsidiairies


2. Send directly your request to the Testing Labs

  • Select them in the list.
  • Each Lab will answer you directly.
  • There is no commission fee.


3. The Jocker question

  • You can also find complementary specifications in the “Lab Sheet”, the “Method Sheet “.
  • Let us know what testing you need and we’ll help you to find the relevant ones.
  • Send your question at


We will be happy to schedule a call with you for other tips.

Enjoy the video!

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