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USA, Opinions, LTD partners with you for all of your market research needs!

From qualitative to quantitative; local, regional, national or internationally, Opinions, LTD has the know-how to make your project come out on top. Specializing in varied methodologies such as on-location interviewing, mall intercepts, central location tests, and focus groups, our staff backs its service with years of experience in market research.


Sensory Research Services
The success of your sensory project is dependent on consistent testing protocols. We have one centralized contact that will brief all
locations and their respective test administrators. This not only streamlines communication to you, but ensures everyone is
receiving the same direction for your testing.

Coast to coast and in-between our strategically located testing facilities are well equipped to handle a multitude of sensory related
research including:

  • Taste Test
  • Fragrance Evaluations
  • Product Placements/In-Home Use Tests
  • Alcohol Testing
  • Food Preparation/Test Kitchens
  • Laundry

Our methodologies include:

  • Central Location Testing
  • Mall Intercepts
  • Session Testing
  • National Recruiting
  • Focus Group
  • Recruiting to Client Facility

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