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VivaScopes® a window into the skin by Mavig

14 April 2017

VivaScopes® are confocal laser scanning microscopes, which open a “window into the skin”. Near-infrared light is emitted into the skin and reflected by different components of the tissue.

This innovative imaging process provides a non-invasive view into the epidermis and superficial dermis – in a pain-free, uncomplicated and quick manner. VivaScopes make it possible to depict cellular structures of living tissue in real-time and without the need for complex and lengthy preparation protocols and without invasive biopsies.

This method allows cosmetic researchers to document skin changes in an area of up to 8 mm x 8 mm precisely, quickly and non-invasively.

Therefore, an analysis of modes of action and effectiveness of cosmetic and pharmacological substances and ingredients can be performed repeatedly without affecting the tissue. For example, melanin caps of the basal cells are a strong source of contrast and can be quantified directly. Melanin concentration and thus pigmentation can be measured using our specialised software ConfoScan. This Software evaluates the amount of light reflected by melanin and even allows the detection of very minor changes in melanin concentration.


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