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Webinar 18 February: How to Substantiate Your Product Claims by Lucideon

4 February 2016

We’re running this free webinar on Thursday 18 February 2016 at 3pm (UK time), 10am (EST)

Proving that your product performs as you claim it does can build trust in your brand. Scientific evidence of your marketing claims gives your consumers confidence that your product’s performance is based on evidence.

Over the past 10 years advances in high resolution imaging have been used extensively to inform the proof of efficacy in support of performance claims. In this webinar, Dr Chris Pickles, Consultant to Lucideon, will discuss:

  • How surface chemical mapping and topographical profiling can be used to support product claims.
  • The different high resolution imaging techniques that can be used to provide accurate data.

A number of case studies will be used to explain how imaging studies can be used to form the basis of successful marketing campaigns. These will include:

  • Evaluating the level of protection afforded by oral health products.
  • Measuring the efficacy of hair products, such as conditioners.
  • Measuring the efficacy of skin products, such as anti-wrinkle treatments.


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