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What’s behind cosmetic claims via Euro Cosmetics

21 February 2022

With most of us still under Covid restrictions in 2022, it is time to reflect on what we really want and need as the world around us is changing – hopefully for the better! We, the cosmetic industry, have seen many changes in the way we work, and the value (good or bad) of the products we offer. Also, it has provided our industry with an opportunity to consider where it is going, where
it should go, and how we should engage with consumers. After Covid, hopefully, the industry will no longer be the same.

As someone who evaluates, helps develop, and troubleshoots cosmetic claims, whether they are active ingredients or consumer product claims, it is still evident that credible and authoritative
science and evidence, are being eroded by the clever architecture of misinformation, perpetrated by an unchallenged marketingdriven climate of fear and irrationality. Social media, has become a reliable virulent source of confusion and discredit in the minds of consumers, and unfortunately, it is an unwitting or deliberate industry that aids in spreading this. I even have clients who have never read the Cosmetics Regulations – Arghh!

Cosmetic claims are becoming more bizarre and distrustful, with many brands not really understanding what it is they’re claiming, despite the ever increasing consumer demand for evidence-based claims!

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By Theresa Callaghan